contemporary web practices

I am Glenn Turner. I am a web developer, app author, writer, and more. I am currently employed by Stand Alone, Inc., and have been for over a decade.

I primarily work on server-side and API solutions for top grossing mobile apps. I've also spent time developing Windows 8 apps, award-winning webOS apps, as well as designed the occasional portfolio.

Like any modern web worker, I spend a lot of time working with bleeding edge frameworks for front-end work, but I prefer personal solutions (depending on the job). The bulk of my server-side scripting time is split between Ruby on Rails and PHP, but I don my Perl robe when I can. It still fits quite nicely, under the right circumstances.

I also spend a lot of time doing database design. I'm currently focused on PostgreSQL, but I also have a rich history with MySQL, and I've begrudgingly spent more time than I'd like with SQLite and the browser-based IndexdeDB. Life as a web dev isn't always glorious.

I used to find time to write about games, which caught the attention of the BBC, Kotaku, Newsweek, Slashdot, Wired, and others. Prior to that, I used to do loads of things to peoples' eyes and eardrums.

Wow, most people don't want to hear about my club/DJ work! I used to DJ and co-run a recurring electronic music night, which included importing bands. Some of my DJ sets included Chicago performances at The Vic and at The Metro.

Unfortunately all of this work keeps me rather busy and prevents me from creating a proper portfolio. I work hard. I care about my sites, scripts and apps. I keep current, and I squeeze a lot of time out of a clock. If you'd like to contact me, you can do so through, or via Twitter or Facebook.